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The North Korean Government Essay

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For hundreds of years, human societies have been struggling to establish utopia. However, there have been many conflicts between humanity and social power. Since the Renaissance, numerous people have fought and shed blood to achieve their basic human rights. For instance, United States of America, for last 200 years, went through many significant historical events, shaping into a nation of reserved civil rights. Back in 1953, when North Korea became communist country, the ideals of Communisms were appealing to many people because communism seemed to establish fair and equal society to all people without any discrimination. However, with human nature of selfishness and greed, North Korea transformed into tyrannical government full of oppression. Ironically, the North Korean government still declares itself as a democratic country while oppressing its people into ceaseless poverty and misery. Consequently, the nation was prone to be in great trouble in the present age.
Each day, tears never dry in the faces of many North Korean children and parents; fears overwhelm the people who are living with limited hope and dreams. For many in prison, torture is the common terror. Physical or psychological torture is often used for the "humiliation or annihilation of the dignity of the person" (Human Rights Violation Article) in North Korea. This degradation of self-respect and basic human rights eventually leads self-destruction. Moreover, the North Korean suppressers have been using such tortures to take away hope from the people. Additionally, they are suppressed so much that they will be mistaken into thinking that they are living in an ideal country. With so much restriction and strict laws, the people are excluded from the world.

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