Canadian Liberty and Worldly Oppressions

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Different states have various ways of ruling and governing their political community. The way states rule reflects upon the political community and the extent of positive and negative liberty available to their citizens. Canada has come a long way to establishing successful rights and freedoms and is able to do so due to the consideration of the people. These rights and freedoms are illustrated through negative and positive liberties; negative liberty is “freedom from” and positive liberty is “freedom to”. A democracy, which is the style of governing utilized by Canada is one that is governed more so by the citizens and a state is a political community that is self-governing which establishes rules that are binding. The ‘Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’ allow Canada’s population to live a free and secure life. This is demonstrated through the fundamental freedoms, which permit the people to freely express themselves and believe in what they choose. Canadians also have democratic rights authorizing society to have the right to democracy and vote for the members of the House of Commons, considering the fact that the House of Commons establishes the laws which ultimately influence their lifestyle. The tools that are used to function a democratic society such as this are, mobility, legal and equality rights, which are what give Canadians the luxury of living life secured with freedom and unity. Furthermore it is safe to argue that ‘The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms’, proves the exceeding level of efficiency that is provided for Canadians in comparison to other countries where major freedoms are stripped from their political community.

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...ghts and Freedoms’ allow their citizens to possess fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, mobility rights, legal rights, and equality rights. Fundamental freedoms allow residents to express who they are and to develop as human beings. Democratic rights allow individuals to voice their opinions to the government and mobility rights allow society to freely immigrate and emigrate to and from Canada. Legal rights protect the people of the nation by having laws that keep them safe along with the equality rights, which protect citizenry from discrimination allowing them to life without fear of inequality. Thus, supplying them with positive and negative liberties that make Canada such a successful political community compared to the various nations that lack these rights and freedoms and cause a state of societal issues to be placed on the political community as a result.
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