Essay on No Scent Of Glory Or Stardom

Essay on No Scent Of Glory Or Stardom

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One Saturday afternoon we gather in a friend’s room with a big-screen television, the latest Xbox One, a couple of pizzas and a long night to play video games. Lights? Check. Controls? Check. Game? The latest NBA 2K15. “It’s game time”, says one of us, we hit MyCareer mode, and, in a blink, we are no longer at our friends place:
We wake up at a lousy 3-by-2 apartment of an undrafted player. Under the sun of another early morning, the place is barely furnished, and the absence of color of the setting creates a dull atmosphere. The player’s agent arrives in rush to lift-up one’s mood. His pep talk highlights the “one and only chance” to show one’s worth in the court at a professional team’s tryouts. A couple of months later, the player accepts an invitation to participate in the contest and shows up to the practice court. There is no scent of glory or stardom; it is just another regular gym with enclosing walls and training equipment scattered along the sidelines, not to mention one’s competition for that coveted roster spot. The pick-up match begins and the game develops naturally among the random players – famous names and personalities are still hiding in the backstage –, yet there is one detail that is shocking given that the NBA is “where amazing happens”: nobody is watching. (Gameplay notes, February 7, 2015)
How real is this situation? The struggle of free agent to get included in the team’s roster can be related our aspiration as interactive players to portray a Platonic or ideal identity. The fact that both, the user and the avatar, start from scratch and even from a frustrating condition – “is barely furnished (…) the absence of color of the setting creates a dull atmosphere” – in their road to become an NBA superstar, cre...

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...n the game. It is definitely a major part of NBA 2K15 that sets it apart from other basketball video games.
When looking through online reviews of the MyCareer mode of NBA 2K15, it is evident that the majority of users agree with the statements above. For example, one review on is entitled “NBA 2K15 Review: MyCareer Mode is a Godsend” (O’Donnell, 2014). Another article, this one from USA Today, focused on the game is entitled “NBA 2K15 Review: The best gets better” (Schwartz, 2014). In a review on, the author states that “NBA 2K15’s MyCareer is by far the best mode a sports game has ever had. NBA 2K15 treats MyCareer less like a gameplay mode and more like a Grand Theft Auto spin-off” (Kelly, 2014). It is clear that the MyCareer mode on this version of the game is incredibly advanced and it definitely stands out to everyone who uses it.

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