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  • The Smell

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    The Smell It was another one of those lonely Monday nights, Christina was home alone, baby-sitting her brother. Her parents left to a dinner, movies, and opera, weren't they just a little to lucky. So she had to stay home, with her little brother. Yup, that was it, being home alone by herself was scary enough, but with her brother, it was a nightmare. It was 10:30PM, she was watching Melrose Place and her brother was upstairs, sleeping like an angel. "Well at least I have peace now." she thought

  • The Sense of Smell

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    questions about the sense of smell. How are smells identified? How and why are they remembered so vividly, and why are they so emotionally charged? What does it mean that cells in the olfactory system are the only neurons to regenerate - what is retained and what is lost in this process? And what does it mean that o lfactory neurons are the only sensory neurons to synapse directly in the brain? What I know about my own sense of smell is scant and sketchy. It is clear that smell must be functionally very

  • Essay on Imagery, Language, and Sound in What's That Smell in the Kitchen?

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    Imagery, Language, and Sound in What's That Smell in the Kitchen? Marge Piercy is an American novelist, essayist, and poet best known for writing with a trademark feminist slant. In "What's That Smell in the Kitchen?" Marge Piercy explores the way women are sometimes held in low esteem by men through the eyes of a tired housewife who has had it with her monotonous day- to-day duties. In this poem, it is not stated that the speaker is a homemaker, but the reader is told about one woman in particular

  • An Industry on the Brink: Consumers Need to Wake Up and Smell the Genetically Modified Coffee

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    An Industry on the Brink: Consumers Need to Wake Up and Smell the Genetically Modified Coffee A recent upsurge of opposition to the production of genetically modified crops has farmers all over America asking themselves one question: To modify or not to modify? Genetically modified (GM) crops allow farmers to use fewer pesticides while still achieving the same yields. American farmers have planted GM crops since 1995 and, at least for the first few years, had no problems selling these products

  • Taste Smell

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    How does smell affect taste? Flavor is based on a combination of factors. These factors include taste, smell, texture, and temperature. The following experiment’s main focus is the flavor of food based on the combination of smell and taste. Have you ever pinched your nose while eating and noticed that you can’t taste your food? In this report you will learn how the nose and tongue work together to create flavor. Your sense of smell and sense of taste are very important when deciding the flavor of

  • The Journey Is The Destination iIn Laurence Shames’ Sweet Smell of Success

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    will work tirelessly to obtain the perfect wardrobe and nicest car to put on a display. This stems from the fact that an abundance of material possessions, new or expensive, displays wealth; commonly identified with success. In Laurence Shames’ Sweet Smell of Success, the reader observes as Shames tackles the idea of keeping up appearances: …record numbers of young people continue to flock to law school…because it is considered a safe ticket…by external standards they will be ‘successes’. They will own

  • No Smell, No Taste

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    nose. Seventy-five percent of what we taste from food comes from one’s sense of smell. From the sweet flavor of strawberries to the spicy taste of salsa, the tongue itself actually tastes only twenty-five percent of it. The average person can distinguish between 4,000 to 10,000 various odor molecules. Although there is not much known about the nasal cavity, one thing is certain: Little can be tasted without a sense of smell. This phenomenon can be explained by the olfactory receptor membrane and the

  • The Smell of Home

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    and of coarse the sweet smell of warm apple pie. The first thing that you notice when visiting someone’s home for the first time is the smell. If the first thing you smell when you walk into someone’s home fore the first time is a dirty wet dog, the chances are you won’t want to revisit that house. That’s why the smell of your home is so important, not only for the people who visit but also for the people who live there. Each room in my home has a different and wonderful smell. It ranges from the bedroom

  • Anosmia

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    your sense of smell forever. Anosmia is the total loss of the sense of smell and affects approximately two million Americans (Wuensch, 2001). Of all the five senses, smell seems to be the least appreciated due to our society's beliefs that sight and hearing are more important for survival (Gillyatt, 1997). For most people, once they start to notice a decrease in their hearing or sight they go to the doctor almost immediately to fix the problem. However, because the sense of taste and smell are so closely

  • Analysis Of Old Spice Advertisement

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    very attractive and may have a sexual appeal towards women. This aberration is different since one always sees a white folk as the dominant character. “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” Ad was shown during the super bowl in February of 2010. Old Spice’s overall message is that anything is possible when a ladies “man” smells like an old spice man and not a women. In order for the producer’s