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  • Comparing Cosmogirl and Cosmopolitan

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    Comparing Cosmogirl and Cosmopolitan A comparison between "Cosmogirl" and "Cosmopolitan". Two successful magazines. One woman's' and one teenage. Would you read the same magazines as your daughter? Would you expect the contents in a magazine aimed at women to be diversely different from a magazine aimed at teenagers? I think that because teenagers are at very different stages of their lives to adults and therefore have different concerns, issues and perspectives on life, they should

  • Bitch Magazine And Cosmopolitan

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    This essay will be comparing and contrasting two magazines aimed at the female readership, and they are called Bitch Magazine and Cosmopolitan, with regards to their front pages, content and articles, their ideals of beauty, and feminism. With this essay, we will learn the extreme differences between two magazines Bitch is a Portland based independent, quarterly magazine, with a touting a tagline of a “feminist response to pop culture.” Founded in 1996, Bitch is published by Bitch Media, a non-profit

  • Cosmopolitan and the Archetype of the “Fun, Fearless Female”

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    workplace, self-reliance and separation from parents” and that as a result, “girls may also be experiencing conflict regarding cultural expectations for success in multiple, and sometimes contradictory, roles” (Hart and Kenny web). The manufacturers of Cosmopolitan magazine create an image of a modern day “Superwoman” who excels in all of these roles—the manifestation of Cosmo‘s slogan, “fun, fearless, female”. They prey on the common insecurities, fears, hopes, desires, and dreams that women have by promising

  • Kant's Idea for a Universal History with Cosmopolitan Purpose

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    Question: In his essay “Idea for a Universal History with Cosmopolitan Purpose” Kant argues that the greatest problem for the human species is “that of attaining a civil society which can administer justice universally.” Discuss how Kant argues for this claim and what his proposal is for achieving it historically You may supplement your answer by briefly outlining one contemporary version of Kant’s proposal.. Do you think Kant’s proposal has at all been approximated in modernity? (Word count1820

  • Ad Bank Semiotic Analysis: Cosmopolitan and Maxim Magazines

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    Ad Bank Semiotic Analysis: Cosmopolitan and Maxim Magazines In our house, we have a girls' bathroom and a boys' bathroom. When entering into the women's private sphere of the bathroom, one cannot help but notice the mountain of women's magazines on top of the toilet. Similarly, the men's bathroom has its share of men's magazines stacked in their domain of masculinity. This essay will take a look at the advertisements in these infamous periodicals, to attempt to gain a better understanding of

  • The Importance Of Learning Spanish

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    is the bearer of culture par excellence, opens the door to the world of the other and gives us the means to apprehend other ways of viewing our common world and our common humanity. Why study Spanish? Beyond the argument just made for the truly cosmopolitan view, there are, for the US citizen, compelling internal and external reasons. First, one has to consider the rise of the Hispanic community within our midst. The US Census Bureau shows that the Latinos residing in the United States total about

  • Chicago: A City Of The Senses

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    blinding and mind-altering lights, and sheer musical excitement a part of my everyday life. Commuters livened up Chicago in delightful ways. Several groups of men and women sat together in close, casual delicatessens on the street and conversed about cosmopolitan attitudes and modern ideas in popular culture. In another area of the city, men ate lunch at The Berghoff and seemed separated from their surroundings, concentrating only on the conversation and the condition on the food being served. To be acceptable

  • Communitarianism vs. Cosmopolitanism

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    Normative Theories of Politics - Contrasting Cosmopolitan and Communitarian Approaches When looking at normative theories of politics, the main distinction is between cosmopolitanism and communitarianism. In this essay the term community shall refer to political communities, or more specifically, states. It is important to note that these political communities have been defined territorially, and not necessarily by culture, although this is taken for granted to an extent by communitarianism

  • Education for Cosmopolis

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    human beings, through history. The main strategy for a cosmopolitan educative integrates, around the notion of Cosmopolis, the tasks of an education conceived as a personal achievement and an education conceived as a legacy one generation shares with another. Cosmopolis, as a higher viewpoint of a culture, is based on the power of detachment and disinterestedness of human spirit; it is not an utopia nor an imaginative synthesis. A cosmopolitan education is radically emancipative. It involves a dialectical

  • By referring closely to J B Priestley’s account of Bradford, explain

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    from, what might seem like, conflicting ideas. These ideas contribute to what Priestley calls Bradford’s odd quality. The character of Bradford, in 1933, when Priestley was writing, was made up of two extremes, provincialism and that of a cosmopolitan city. Provincialism remained in Bradford, firstly because the railway went to Leeds and not to Bradford and therefore the city didn’t get much new trade, such as any other manufacturing and/or greater educational opportunities. As this was

  • scent of women

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    magazine targeted to teens, the girl in the ad is young looking, which would relate to teens. As for older women, it would appeal to them as well so they too can feel young and fresh again. Another ad for a Clinique perfume is for “Simply,” found in Cosmopolitan magazine. The name of the perfume alone, says it all. The ad shows a bottle of the “Simply” perfume set on top of a table with a woman’s fingertips lingering on top of the bottle. This ad doesn’t even use a woman’s face, which is a different approach

  • A Cosmopolitan Girl

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    A Cosmopolitan Girl Determined, realistic, and self-confident are not words that I hold to a specific gender. That might be the difference between someone who was born in generation x and the baby boomers and earlier. According to society these few words are associated with the male gender, since most of society that is able to determine what is and what is not acceptable are older we are labeled as a whole to have come to these conclusions. Perhaps June Jordan, the writer of Memo: 1980 knew

  • Rousseau's Critique of Moliere

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    that he was a supporter of community, the second is almost always that that he was moralistically opposed to theater as destructive of community morals. The source for this judgment is the Letter to D’Alembert, a text Rousseau addressed to his cosmopolitan friend when the latter had (on the probable urging of Voltaire) suggested in his article on "Geneva" in the Encyclopedia that opening a theater in Geneva would bring together the "wisdom of Lacedemonia and the grace (politesse) of Athens." Rousseau

  • The City of Thessaloniki (Salonika)

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    The City of Thessaloniki (Salonika): Cultural, Political, and Religious History (315 BC- 1912) There was once a great city, a cosmopolitan center of commerce and culture. Its' port welcomed immigrants fleeing terror and want; its dense, bustling streets presented a kaleidoscopic variety of native dress and hummed with the sound of the world's languages.? Built on the twin pillars of tolerance and trade, the city was a beacon of pluralism and ethnic hatred. This great city is not New York

  • Paul's Ministry in Corinth

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    authorities for economic and military purposes.? This prime location put Corinth ?at the crossroads of trade and travel? (Gloer 1191).? As traders and merchants relocated to Corinth seeking new opportunities, the city developed into a socially diverse cosmopolitan center (1163).? As Paul brought his message of salvation through Christ, he likely ministered to a broad spectrum of people, representative of the culture in Corinth.? The majority of his Corinthian congregation were likely Gentiles, though a few

  • René Magritte

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    paintings, making the commonplace profound and the rational irrational. He painted his canvasses in the same manner as he lived his life -- in strange modesty and under constant analysis. Magritte was born in 1898 in the small town of Lessines, a cosmopolitan area of Belgium that was greatly influenced by the French. Twelve years later, Magritte, along with his parents and two younger brothers, moved to Châtelet, where the future artist studied sketching. On vacations with his grandmother and Aunt

  • Cosmopolitan Canopy

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    Establishing a reputation of this idea of a cosmopolitan canopy, Philadelphia is one major city where the urban setting has created a safe haven inviting in those who benefit from all around public acceptance making it “one of the defining characteristics of the place” (Anderson 3). The idea of social and ethnic diversity and acceptance in a public place amplified by the modern use of the internet are key factors in establishing a functioning cosmopolitan canopy in an urban setting. Anderson starts

  • Campaign Analysis: Equinox Strikes Up Controversy

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    Equinox Strikes Up Controversy Equinox, a luxury fitness company, released an ad campaign in 2016 layering a motivational message on top of a series of controversial images. One ad, in particular, has a woman dining in an upscale restaurant openly breastfeeding two infants. She is dripping in elegant jewelry with her hair pulled back to boldly show her face. The words, “Commit To Something,” are spread across the image in a simple white text that could almost blend into the background by the overpowering

  • Bayezid I

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    fortifications, begun (5th cent.) by Theodosius II. Built on seven hills, the city on the Bosporus presented the appearance of an impregnable fortress enclosing a sea of magnificent palaces and gilded domes and towers. In the 10th cent., it had a cosmopolitan population of about 1 million. The Church of Hagia Sophia , the sacred palace of the emperors (a city in itself); the huge hippodrome, center of the popular life; and the Golden Gate, the chief entrance into the city; were among the largest of

  • Magazine Analysis Of Cosmopolitan

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    Cosmopolitan is a international magazine for ladies was first published in 1886 in the United States as a family magazine, was later converted into a literary magazine and in the long run turned into a ladies' magazine in the late 1960s otherwise called Cosmo, its content starting 2011 included articles on issues, relationships, sex, wellbeing, professions, improvement toward oneself, celebrities, fashion and excellence for ladies. Published by Hearst Magazines, Cosmopolitan has 64 international