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  • Comparing Cosmogirl and Cosmopolitan

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    Comparing Cosmogirl and Cosmopolitan A comparison between "Cosmogirl" and "Cosmopolitan". Two successful magazines. One woman's' and one teenage. Would you read the same magazines as your daughter? Would you expect the contents in a magazine aimed at women to be diversely different from a magazine aimed at teenagers? I think that because teenagers are at very different stages of their lives to adults and therefore have different concerns, issues and perspectives on life, they should

  • Bitch Magazine And Cosmopolitan

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    This essay will be comparing and contrasting two magazines aimed at the female readership, and they are called Bitch Magazine and Cosmopolitan, with regards to their front pages, content and articles, their ideals of beauty, and feminism. With this essay, we will learn the extreme differences between two magazines Bitch is a Portland based independent, quarterly magazine, with a touting a tagline of a “feminist response to pop culture.” Founded in 1996, Bitch is published by Bitch Media, a non-profit

  • Cosmopolitan and the Archetype of the “Fun, Fearless Female”

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    workplace, self-reliance and separation from parents” and that as a result, “girls may also be experiencing conflict regarding cultural expectations for success in multiple, and sometimes contradictory, roles” (Hart and Kenny web). The manufacturers of Cosmopolitan magazine create an image of a modern day “Superwoman” who excels in all of these roles—the manifestation of Cosmo‘s slogan, “fun, fearless, female”. They prey on the common insecurities, fears, hopes, desires, and dreams that women have by promising

  • Put the Cosmopolitan Magazine Down

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    love and manage your time like a woman who “has it all together”. While some of these tips may be helpful to readers, the implied standard that they set for their audience is almost always ridiculously out of reach. Such women’s magazines as Cosmopolitan and Elle are notorious for dictating the way a woman should act and behave in social contexts in order to appeal to men. The standards set up by these publications create an ideology of the perfect woman that all the readers should strive to be

  • Mass Communication, Media and Culture

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    Magazines in the Age of Specialization. Media & Culture: Mass Communication in a Digital Age (Ch 13. pp. 449-479). Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s. McGuire, L. (2010, April 26). The Evolution of Cosmopolitan. Sociological Images RSS. January 24, 2014. Landers, J. (2011). The Improbable First Century of Cosmopolitan Magazine. The Campaign for America's Libraries. January 24, 2014.

  • Cosmopolitan

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    Apart from the words “Cosmopolitan” written at the very top of the magazine and stretched out from one end to the other, the headlines “99 New Sex Facts” and “What Men Find Hot” are also written in a bigger font size than any other headline to attract a certain type of audience. Who is this audience? Well certainly not Granny Lou or 10 year old Roy and Regina. They are supposedly in that age group where they should neither be interested in sex or way passed the age to try on new "sex tricks" created

  • A Cosmopolitan Girl

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    A Cosmopolitan Girl Determined, realistic, and self-confident are not words that I hold to a specific gender. That might be the difference between someone who was born in generation x and the baby boomers and earlier. According to society these few words are associated with the male gender, since most of society that is able to determine what is and what is not acceptable are older we are labeled as a whole to have come to these conclusions. Perhaps June Jordan, the writer of Memo: 1980 knew

  • Unrealistic Expectations of Women

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    there are so many cases of anorexia and bulimia when a model, comparable to the stick figures drawn by kindergartener's everywhere, is yet another symbol of what is considered to be beautiful. Another article that caught my eye was in an old Cosmopolitan magazine I just had lying around. It was entitled, “Five Fixes That’ll Make Him Want You.” Now, my initial reaction was one of frustration. Why is there so much pressure to make the opposite sex want you. It’s a dreaded curse that is utterly

  • Magazine Analysis Of Cosmopolitan

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    Cosmopolitan is a international magazine for ladies was first published in 1886 in the United States as a family magazine, was later converted into a literary magazine and in the long run turned into a ladies' magazine in the late 1960s otherwise called Cosmo, its content starting 2011 included articles on issues, relationships, sex, wellbeing, professions, improvement toward oneself, celebrities, fashion and excellence for ladies. Published by Hearst Magazines, Cosmopolitan has 64 international

  • Analysis Of Cosmopolitan Magazine

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    December 17th 2007 Kate White, Cosmopolitan New York, Houston Street P.O. Box 9321 Dear Mrs. White, The society and I know that Cosmopolitan is a magazine that is aimed at women and has been a women’s magazine since the 1960’s. My main message, as me being a constant reader of the Cosmopolitan magazine, that I am trying to get across to you is the certain advertisements Cosmopolitan decides to include in their issues every year. These advertisements create a controversy within the media and I