Essay about No Link Between Video Games and Violence

Essay about No Link Between Video Games and Violence

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Grand Theft Auto are video game series that are popular among teenager, this let many people wonder: ‘Is it bad for kid to play violent video games like Grand Theft Auto?’. In the early modern day of 2008, 97% of teenagers played video game ( This earns $11.7 billion for video game industry. 10 out of 20 top best selling video game contain violence ( it is common that violent video game have been blamed toward school shooting and bullying. However, majority of research on video game contribution to violence is deeply flawed and has no proof. Therefore, it is safe for kids to enjoy games such as Grand Theft Auto and other violence video games. As a result it is safe to approve violence video games for kids.

In the present days, many young people seek out violence video games for entertainment. According to an article by an experimental psychologist, Pinker conclude that “exposure to video game has not been shown to be predictive violent behavior” (“Pinker”) . In the other word, video is not the cause to violent. There are many others causes that led to children aggressive behavior such as family violence, bullying or any abusive experience. Assistant professor, Malliet supported that “teens have ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality prevent them from emulating video game violence in real life” (“Malliet”). Kids these days are growing up faster therefore they know the differences between reality and fantasy. They know the consequence for committing a crime and they are that dumb to carry out a violent act. Base on these facts, it is safe for kids to play video game.

Though it is common for video game to distract kids from their works, there is also...

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