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New York City Broadway Essay

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Broadway in New York City is not just the name of a street; it is the theatrical arts itself. Humble beginnings initiated by hopeful immigrants evolved into the thriving art that it is today. It overcame fires, natural disasters, and economic hardships, refusing to go out with a whimper. There are happenings ranging from horrific to positively scandalous, and rules that are just strange. New York City Broadway is an American tradition that has held on for centuries, but these years have a story behind them.
In the beginning, there was the King’s Arms building, a group of tourists, and an idea. In 1696, these components led to the first small, amateur productions in New York City. Over the next century, many other performances like the first were shown, eventually replacing the prior form of entertainment, which was alcohol. Then, in September of 1732, a group of actors from London begin doing many shows in a vacant building that held, which led to the first documented professional performance on December 6th of that same year. 18 years later, the first formal performance space was opened on Nassau Street and on December 3rd, the first musical in Ney York was performed. Finally, Broadway had been born into New York City.
After its establishment, Broadway was greatly affected by historical events that occurred in its lifetime. During the Revolutionary War, there were no professional performances hosted in New York, so British soldiers to compensate for the absence. During the Civil War, Broadway flourished due to an abundant number of railways, which made travel easier for tours and tourists. Also, a touring troupe of actors from New York was performing Our American Cousin at the Ford Theatre when President Lincoln was assassina...

... middle of paper ... in many historic happenings, ranging from assassinations to simply entertaining soldiers. Indeed, Broadway in New York City is so much more than just a street that makes it was through the length of Manhattan. Broadway is the city’s theatrical arts, a way of life, and the heart and soul of New York itself.

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