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Broadway musical, flashy lights and choreography. It is an memorable night at New York City during christmas to someone, and it is a life time dream to make true to some people. According to American Theatre Wing, 80% of shows open on Broadway end up losing money. However, Broadway investors and producers do anything they can to make “the show”, the show will have years of run on Broadway, the show will tour around the nation, and the show will make millions of dollars. They adapt new trends and style to become a “hit”. Broadway is constantly changing and adapting new things, which is healthy for its existence. Since the British invasion of musical theatre, Broadway investors and producers have spent more money to produce shows. Cameron Mackintosh, a star producer of English musical theatre and Andrew Lloyd Webber, a legendary English composer of many hit musicals opened the door to “mega musicals”. Cameron loved to use magnificent scenery designs and lighting. In 1985, musical Les Misérables, using a huge barricade set and spinning stage, opened on West End, London. Thanks to the success of Les Misérables, Mackintosh and Webber were able to produce additional mega musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera, Evita, and Miss Saigon. Andrew Lloyd Webber said, “Thru-sung score is my favorite, but it’s just expensive” (Healy). Thru-song score is a type of musical score in which all the lines are sung and none are spoken. The American mega musical trend was led by Disney on Broadway™. The stage adaptation of Lion King had a bad review from theatre critics, but its fascinating costumes and animal portrayal was an immediate hit for the young audience, and the show still remains one of the most popular musicals on Broadway. The musical W... ... middle of paper ... ...haracters starting a new life. Musical revues give the feeling of taking a journey in the 3rd person perspective to the audience. Because of its unique style and low budget needs, revue musicals encouraged colleges and regional theatres to develop their own music and story. Off-Broadway’s experimental and creative shows have affected Broadway community too. The Book of Mormon, a new musical made by creators of Avenue Q and inspired by many experimental Off-Broadway show is considered one the most cynical, creative, and successful broadway musical of the decade. Though it is crucial to follow the trend adapt new things, Broadway producers should remember that there is a beauty in classical values. Revival of Les Misérables is an great example of mixture of modern and classical. The new technology makes its classical music and storyline so much more powerful.
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