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The New Police Model Essay

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The 'new' police model introduced in 1829 has been seen as revolutionary. Analyse its introduction and form, before commenting on how appropriate it remains now for contemporary society.
Among the enormous quantity of valuable inheritances that England had given to several societies, the police’s establishment in 1829 has a relevant place. Captivating is the fact that the new police model begot significant changes in local society. First, because sparked controversial antagonism, and second, because of its successful develop has remarked an important reference to contemporary security forces. According to Gash, (1968, p. 1) in early nineteenth century England faced a difficult interlude with important political and constitutional reforms. British society was facing “an epoch of criminality” Lee cited in Reiner (1986, p.12) and the government had to do significant changes to advance to solve public necessities in terms of security and well being. Even these reforms naturally were framed between political and social antagonists.
This essay has the purpose of analyse the implementation of the new police model upon British society and how revolutionised the public perception and its conduct code. The revolution was not only in social patterns, but also in reinforcing the law system, Lyman (1964, p.141). Without forget the parallel facts for the age (social, economic and political) it is useful to introduce in this work the antecedents and social needs, the introduction and acceptance, and the establishment and implementation of that new police model in England.

Antecedents and social needs.
Before the new police model’s introduction, many parishes in England were practically without a control organisation and oth...

... middle of paper ...

...d all that, vol. 2, issue 2, p. 228, viewed 12 August 2010, /metpocj2&div=45&collection=journals&set_as_cursor=0&men_tab=srchresults&terms=police|1829|london&type=matchall
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