Essay about The New High School Program

Essay about The New High School Program

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College in the 21st century has evolved almost into a necessity, yet even public institutions are being priced as a luxury. It was even stated that “The bachelor’s degree, the symbol of success and ticket to middle-class for the post- World War II generations, has slowly become the new high-school diploma.” (Singletary1). College has moved into a category of expectance rather than good opportunity. With the increase in overall expenses people have begun to take alternative routes such as online classes, trade schools, and community colleges. Individuals have begun to question the value the process of a “traditional” form of higher education. With the increase in expenses and the amount of people the price of college tuition effects I think it is severely overpriced.
Endless yearly budget cuts have been seen to be a major culprit of the rise in public education. Budget cuts have left colleges with “little breathing room” to compensate with tuition and the potential students (Weise 1). The community college of Spokane suffered from a $5.8 million dollar budget cut; and much like colleges here, in Louisiana, the loss of funding affects the amount of classes offered and times they are offered (A16 Gustafon). Another reason college cost have rose significantly “can be traced back to the ‘lost decade’, which is a period from 1999-2005 when colleges were showering perspective students with scholarships to shag them from potential competitors (Selingo 1). This formed a growing debt that we in the current era suffer for.
Students and families suffering from the increase in college tuition are generally blind to the current figures of the tuition rise. It is commonly known many students have to burrow to attend college (Singletary 1). ...

... middle of paper ...

...arket and the amount of financial aid that requires payback and interest could leave an individual in a worse predicament than they were pre-college. A system reform is greatly needed to cut back on the negatives of attending a four year college such as “increasing the rate of completion, reducing student debt and close the opportunity and attainment gaps that consign so many talented young Americans…” (Dannenburg, Voight 2).
As tuition continues to hike due to dependency on tuition rather than state funding students and families continue suffer. The idea of college as necessity continues to be engrained into the minds of American citizens but the cost prohibits many from accomplishing and receiving this higher form of education. Considering the amount of people affected by the rise in college tuition I stand by the fact that college is becoming severely overpriced.

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