Essay about Network Networks And The Network

Essay about Network Networks And The Network

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Networks communicate using the TCP/IP which allows for them to transmit and receive data from another computer on the same TCP/IP

Network types

Network types consist of LAN and WAN network types which are determined what they are based on the size of the area they are traveling in.

LAN is what connects computers in a small local area. This will need to be used in college so that the computers in the college are able to communicate with the other computers in the local area. This will also allow the computers in the local area to connect to the printers which are on the network.

WAN is a computer network which contains 2 or more LANs which are connected to each other. This allows the college to link their 3 campuses together but also allows for them to be on the same network so staff and students at other campuses can go to other campuses to do work at if there campuses study hub is closed.

Network services

Packet Switched is what describes the part of a network which very small units of data known as packets are routed across the network. This will help the college be able to transfer programs from 1 main computer out to the rest of the system without having to install a disc to every computer in the building.

WAP stands for wireless access protocol which allows you to access information on a mobile phone that is on the web. This could be used in a college to allow them to be able to allow for students to access their work off their phone but also be able to see what assignments need handing in on what days.

Network topologies

The star topologies is where all the nodes connect to the switch or hub individual which is in the center. This could be used in a college to prevent the whole system crashing as the d...

... middle of paper ...

...cker as it is a direct route to the internet source.
Wireless is what allows the devices to connect to the internet without having to need a cable so that they are able to connect to the internet so they can access their work off their mobile devices.

Interconnection devices
Switches is what prevents communication between two computers being sent to the every computer on a network but also increase network performances which will make the internet quicker then it will be if it was wireless..
Routers is what allows devices to be able to connect to the internet over having to have no internet at all which makes it so you are able to connect to the internet thr
Wireless access points is what allows wireless devices such as mobiles to connect to the local internet if the internet they are connecting to doesn’t have to be paid for if it is a public wireless spot.

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