Negatives And Negatives Of Print Media Essay

Negatives And Negatives Of Print Media Essay

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Posters and billboards
Advertisers can reach the audience on the move by using posters and billboards advertisements. For example, putting their posters in malls helps the advertisers to reach their customers at the point of purchase. They can also reach large audiences by putting the posters and billboards on airports, railway stations and other public places. It is less costly way of advertising to the larger audiences.
Advantages of print media advertising
Sensory media experience
The most significant advantage of print media is, probably, its tangibility. Print media gives the reader sensory media experience, the feel of paper. Many people like reading content that is written on paper because it gives them the feeling that the written piece is real and it actually exists. The print media triggers the basic human senses like feeling of paper and the smell of ink. The color, sound and scent of the paper add sensory experiences. These are the reasons people still read newspapers and magazines, even in the age of technology. These properties increase the advertising effectiveness up to 70%.
Loyal readership
Readership, in the print media, is mostly loyal and longstanding.
Specific target audience
The main advantage of using print media for advertisements is that it is specific to the target audience. A sports magazine, for example, would highlight the ads related with sports, while fashion magazine will, definitely, contain the ads of cosmetics. So, the print media is meant for the specific audience.
Long life span
As compared with other types of media, print media enjoys a long life span, especially, the magazines. Some magazines are still being printed and sold from decades. They are also used as valuable references (i.e...

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...t social media can either help us earn pretty much or make us lose our business, it is up to us how we use social media for attaining benefits, not the losses. The most important thing here is to ensure the social media security of our company. We should analyze our company’s requirements for the social media security, and then create the security guidelines. Educating and training the employees is the most important thing for ensuring company’s social media security and privacy. We should also monitor the company’s websites to safeguard our company. The parameters of social media coverage should be reviewed regularly to monitor all the activities on company’s website and social media websites. Taking these steps can help us mitigate any considerable legal, operational and reputational risks. We can get huge benefits in our business by using social media carefully.

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