Essay on Negative Implications Of Procrastination

Essay on Negative Implications Of Procrastination

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“I need to stop procrastinating, I’ll start tomorrow!” Most of us have uttered these words at least once in our academic life, if not daily. Procrastination is habitual, it is gauged that 95% of college students in America procrastinate, 50% of which who claim to do it half the time and 38% who do it on occasion (koestner, Senecal, & Vallerand, 1995). Procrastination can be defined as prolonging a task and/or delaying it for periods of time knowing it’s in need of attention. Negative implications associated with this can include a decline in quality work and overall learning experience, with an increase in stressful urgency (Goroshit & Hen, 2014). Based on the above information it can be concluded that procrastination in college students is a problem and further research explaining the causation and the degree to which it affects grades is needed. Countless studies have been conducted that focus solely on study patterns and time management skills as the cause. Date based on personal accounts from procrastinators and clinical observations of procrastinators (Soloman & Rothblum, 1984) show that there are plenty of additional explanations. Other possible factors could include anxiety, self-efficacy, and gender.
The reasoning behind academic procrastination is fairly complex. In the article “Academic Procrastination: Frequency and Cognitive - Behavioral Correlates” researchers further explore behavioral measures. Unlike any other study at the time, they related the self-report of procrastination to behavioral measures (Soloman & Rothblum, 1984). The purpose of the study was to a.) determine how often academic procrastination was present in college students, and the extent to which students found the procrastination a problem and thei...

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...compared to 65% with no LD. The Schutte Self Report Emotional Intelligence Test was used to measure emotional intelligence, the College Academic Self-Efficacy Scale was used to measure self-efficacy and academic procrastination was measured using an academic procrastination scale originated for college students (Milgram, Mey-Tal, & Levison, 1998). GPA was measured by a simple self-report question asking the participants to document their GPA from the previous year. Results of the study reveal LD students to be more likely to procrastinate on academic work and have a lower degree of academic self-efficacy and emotional intelligence when compared to non-LD students. Surprisingly, showing no contrast in GPA scores between the two groups. In addition, results also indicated that emotional intelligence affects the academic self-efficacy and grades of student with LD more.

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