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Description of Measure Over the process of working on this assignment, I completed several personal development measures from the Self Assessment Library by Stephen P. Robbins. After completing my first few measures, I realized a trend that was occurring. All my answers and explanations related back to one important factor, motivation. Motivation is defined as “the intensity, direction, and persistence of effort a person shows in reaching a goal” (Mann, pg. 300). The measure ‘What Motivates Me?’ was able to determine the specific area of growth needs you are most determined to obtain. “The instrument taps the three needs of growth, relatedness, and existence. It is based on what is known as ERG Theory” (Robbins, pg. 21). The results of this instrument along with others including ‘Am I Engaged?’, ‘How Confident AM I in My Abilities to Succeed’, and ‘Am I a Procrastinator?’ all from Robbins’ Self Assessment Library give common results. The results revolve around the one big factor of motivation, but also include rationale for being disengaged, self-esteem, self-efficacy and procrastination. The instruments and there results are both significant and relevant because each measure supports the other canceling any doubt about wrong interpretation. A study completed by Robert M. Klassen, Lindsey L. Krawchuk and Sukaina Rajani found a relationship between low self-efficacy, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and procrastination. According to their results, significantly lower GPAs were recorded among students who procrastinated, had low levels of self-efficacy and self-regulation. “Almost all of the students defined themselves as procrastinators, with 89% of students reporting more than 1hour of procrastination per day (Klassen, K... ... middle of paper ... rarely procrastinating now, and I can feel I have a much higher self-esteem. I am able to work towards desired and intended goals because I now am engaged and motivated to achieve the goals. Instead of completing tasks at the last minute because I had to, I am now completing tasks a few days before due dates with much better efficiency, and a sense of interest. I now complete tasks because I want to, and I gain accomplishment, and a sense of knowledge gain and skill development. I truly feel that I can make goals and be much more motivated to complete them. According to Robbins, College students typically rate growth needs highest on what motivates them (Robbins, pg. 21). Based on my score from the ‘What Motivates Me?’ measure, I also rate growth needs highest. I now feel that with my improved motivation in my goals, I can satisfy important growth needs for mysel
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