The Nazi Takeover Of Germany Essay

The Nazi Takeover Of Germany Essay

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Prior to the Nazi takeover of Germany, the nation had been suffering deeply. An economic depression, large-scale unemployment, and the shame of losing World War I had put Germany in a dark place. The Nazi’s were incredibly aware of this, and their propaganda at the time reflected a need to reunite the German people. Propaganda appealed to national pride, and putting ones country before themselves. Of course, a strong united people needed a leader that was just as strong, and the “myth of Hitler” would create that leader. Slogans like “One People, one Fuhrer, one Reich!” promoted national unity, and a Wochenspruch from February 1938 states, “The greatest of all sacrifices is to give one’s life to preserve the existence of the community.” Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will comes from this time period and helps form the mythological image of Hitler. Propaganda also focused on the good the Nazi party was doing. It discussed how well the Nazi welfare system was working, newsreels showed happy German people enjoying the benefits of the Nazi regime.
It is often said that nothing brings people together like a common enemy, and the Nazi’s knew this. The Jew and the communist would become this collective punching bag. The Nazi’s were convinced of an international conspiracy to “exterminate— that is, to kill— all the German people.” The Jews were the cause of all the recent suffering of the German people. Any world events that pointed away from this conspiracy, such as removal of England’s Jewish secretary of state for war, was painted in a manner as to make the Jewish people look incompetent. The simultaneously belief that the Jews were organizing and international conspiracy against the Germans, while at the same time being totally inc...

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...ved that a film would be more useful than a military victory. Even up to the final days before Hitler and Goebbels would commit suicide, propaganda was there ensuring the people that victory would come.
Victory would not come for the German people. No amount of propaganda was going to help the Germans get more oil, or build more weaponry. What propaganda did do was lead a misguided German public into a war that they truly believed they would win. It is clear though that the ability of Nazi propaganda to convince German’s to take up violent actions against the Jews has been vastly overestimated, nor was extreme public outrage at the Jews needed in order for Hitler and the top Nazi officials to carry out their final solution. As long as they could keep the public content, and convinced that there was a Jewish problem, they would be able to commit their atrocious crimes.

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