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Nazi Dehumanizing Ways Essays

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Nazi Dehumanizing Ways
Everyone is different and that is what makes the world a wonderful place, at least one would think. But 1944 and 1945 German folks called Nazis discriminated against anyone that was different from them. Nazi soldiers made people feel less o f a person, all because they believed in different faiths. In the story The Night written by Elie Wiesel, a holocaust survivor he tells of the dehumanizing ways of the Nazi soldiers and how they made Jews feel less of a person day by day. Jewish people were at the very top for being different; they were hated by the Nazis. It was believed that everything bad that ever happened were the Jews fault. They went through unfair treatment just because of their religion.
Nazi soldiers took Jews to concentration camps by cargo trains like they were cattle, they branded them with numbers and their Jewish name disappeared also Jews were beaten ferociously and sometimes to death. The Nazi soldiers treated the Jews and many others without any type of respect; they absolutely saw the people as animals and treated them as if they were. ...

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