Nature Vs. Nurture : Child Neglect Essay

Nature Vs. Nurture : Child Neglect Essay

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In the field of Psychology there has been a long-standing debate on the topic of nature vs. nurture. Is it the environment that plays a part in what the child becomes or just simply how the child is raised that truly effects the child’s development and over all outcome as a person? Many can agree that it is not just one or the other but a combination of both nature and nurture. With that being said, when a child is maltreated, specifically neglected, not only is the child not being properly nurtured but also their environment is not conducive to a healthy and beneficial childhood. In the case study presented within this paper, 10-year-old Mya Jones experiences neglect from her drug addict/dealing parents and is suffering from depression, lack of nutrition, and is in special education classes. Her story will help bring to light the trauma experienced by neglected children as well as help analyze ways in which to help those children. Child neglect is a form of abuse and trauma that has all encompassing effects. Not only does it do physical harm to a child but as well as affects their emotional, mental, and educational development.

Keywords: neglect, nature, nurture, maltreatment, abuse

Giving a Voice to Neglected Children
Neglect in many forums is known as a “silent” form of abuse. The reason for this being that instead of something being physically imposed on a child, the child is instead not receiving the nurture it needs and these children tend to be more quiet natured and submissive. Neglect is not what most people think of when they think of abuse but it is important that, that changes. More people need to be educated on what neglect is and how harmful it can be if it goes unnoticed. The effects of negl...

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... in terms of where she should be as a fifth grader and is currently in the special education program. Whenever Mya needs help with her homework she goes to her neighbor Ms. Beverly. Her teacher has noticed that when being disciplined or corrected Mya will become distant, turn inward and seem “spaced out”. Mya has trouble making friends and socializing with other children her age and is often seen by herself. She was suspended once due to a fight she had with another little girl. In her teacher’s report about the fight, he said that it was as if Mya snapped and was in a blind rage because of the other little girl’s taunting. Due to her parents’ lack of attendance at parent-teacher conferences, failure to reply to letters sent home, as well as Mya’s unkempt appearance and ravenous appetite at lunch, her teacher Mr. Wilson has decided to call Child Protective Services.

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