Research Paper On Nature Vs Nurture

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One of the most well-known debates in psychology is nature versus nurture. Nature is pre-determined traits, influenced by biological factors and genetics. Physical characteristics such as height, hair color, and eye color is all determined by the genetics we inherit. Nurture is the influence of environmental factors. Nature and nurture affects the physical, emotional, and social development of a child. Nature by itself can affect a child’s development. If the child is born with a disease or mental illness, they may develop at a slower pace. For example, if a child is born with Asperger’s syndrome, the child will have a difficult time with social skills and understanding emotions. Nurture deals with the environment. If a child was raised in a hostile environment, that child is more likely to be hostile when they get older. Environment may play a larger role in most cases due to everyday lifestyle, from the city you live in to the way you are raised. If one was raised in a healthy house hold, someone who lived in a toxic household may behave differently. Nature and nurture works together in some aspects. For example, a child who is born with type one diabetes. Type one diabetes is genetic. It can be inherited from a predisposition of the gene. Type one diabetes is when the pancreas doesn 't produce…show more content…
A child with leukemia will not have the same physical development as a healthy child. Around the ages from 6-8, children begin to slowly gain height and weight. The child with leukemia may grow slower and most likely lose weight, instead of gaining it. Another milestone children at that age go through is self-conscious emotions. The child may feel self-conscious because they look and live very differently from their peers. This may cause them to feel emotionally upset. Peers who are unaware of their diseases my tease and bully the child, which causes them emotional
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