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The Nature Of International System Essay

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The anarchical nature of international system makes sustaining order problematic. Power which is material capabilities are essential in constructing order. In other words, material resources such as wealth, technology, population, geography will assist in building military assets to impose order in the world. Thus, order in the world is imposed through states’ power, primarily military power. The distribution of power produces the system of order that determines states ability to adopt mode of survival and shape pattern of international politics (Measheimer, 2013: 78).
The realists are divided into two thought; Classical realist like the scholar Hans Mongenthau who believe that human nature that is, the inner drive to dominate others is the reason for the struggle for power and the Structural realist or Neorealist like the scholar Kenneth Waltz who suggested that states struggle for power is to prevent great powers from attacking them. Thus, to survive they must prevent great powers from shifting power to their favour. Measheimer, a neorealist (2013: 90) stated that ‘The structure of the international system forces great powers to compete among themselves for power.’ The more powerful a state, the less likely it is attacked by its competitors. Realist hold the view that the system is a zero sum as the increase in power of one state is the automatic decrease in another. Therefore, a state’s increase for power is a threat to the survival of another state. As a result of this challenge, powerful states are permitted to use any means through different ways for their survival (Measheimer, 2001: 18-19).
Two dimensions are found in neorealism which are the defensive and offensive realism. The defensive realist argued that states quest t...

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... Middle East. Both of this US actions which developed into protracted violent conflicts were nonetheless viewed as ethical conflicts. Therefore, the actions of United States was justified by the deployment of rhetoric that discursively framed such decisions as ethical in the eyes of the populace at large. As such, ethical considerations have often been exploited through discursive framing in order to justify unequivocally immoral foreign policy decisions.
The recent Iran nuclear deal is United States of America’s renewed commitment towards an ethical foreign policy which is significantly unpopular and a heated debate in the US most especially now that it is an electioneering campaign period. Issues such as the Iran deal and other US foreign policy matters are been discussed by the politicians, media, power brokers, Electoral College delegates and the general public.

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