The function of IMF

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Reflective Journal: The International Monetary Fund and its functions
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) works to foster economic growth and economic stability, which is an association that mainly creates the stability in exchange rates and offers temporary loans for the state members in order to tackle their balance of payment problems. Beside, the members contribute their national currencies to the IMF pool for providing loans to deficit countries. In addition, the IMF article of agreement has emphasized that the members had to peg their currencies to gold or US dollars. The IMF utilizes its gold holdings to acquire dollars and other currencies for its operations. The capital of the IMF consists of the aggregate of the quotas allotted to the member countries member can pay its quota in its national currency. Therefore, the developed countries (DC) hold the significant powers in IMF.
Recently, Won trade has risen into a paramount place since 2008. As a result, the foreigners are appreciating Won. “There’s little momentum for the won to weaken beyond 1,040, and in...
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