Essay on The Nature Of Human Nature

Essay on The Nature Of Human Nature

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Human Nature
The beliefs I have about human nature is a combination of our innate and learned behaviors. Most of them coming from or innate drive for survival, thus our fight of flight reactions to different stimuli. Even though our determination to survive trumps our other instincts, our nature tells us to nurturing our young, old, and people of ill health. Since humans are nurturing in nature, they need one another in order to survive. Our human nature is to help each other build shelter, raise or find food, and help others that are in need. Unfortunately, human nature also possesses negative qualities such as one culture wanting to be superior to another. Although we have made progress to this regard in the last 100 years we still have a long way to go.
As humans we are born with a personality, but as we age our experiences from outside influences can affect and change our personalities. If we are developing that secure bond with our parents as infant’s chances are our personalities will become positive and perhaps cheerful. On the other hand, if we are neglected during our early development our personalities may be a bit grumpy or even develop a flat affect response to situations. I believe depending on how well we can adapt to stressful situations affects and influences a person’s personality, there are as personalities in this world as there are people.
Counselor Roles and Responsibilities
I believe a counselors’ roles and responsibilities are to be there to assist their clients to overcome adversities in their lives. With that said the client must do the work, the counselor is there to provide some direction and objective feedback. Using techniques such as active and reflective listening, motivation...

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...ery little about HIPPA other than every time you visit the doctor’s office you have to sign new HIPPA forms. Therefore, I would consider this being the bad aspect of HIPPA because people are uninformed about it.
Professional vs Non-Professionals
My belief is professionals are held to higher standards then non-professionals. Although, both are required to obey all laws and regulations, I believe there are non-professionals practicing that are causing more harm and going un-noticed. Where professionals take pride in their profession by obtaining the proper education and training, working within their qualified limitations. Networking with other professionals so they can provide the best care for their clients by referring them to a professional who can better serve their needs. Therefore, they are thinking of what is in the best interest for their clients.

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