Essay on The Napoleonic Wars And The French Revolution

Essay on The Napoleonic Wars And The French Revolution

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Europe as a continent includes many nations and yet the structure and boundaries of European countries have morphed multiple times creating and dissolving governments through war and conflict. The Napoleonic wars were from around 1803 to 1815, though this may not be exact since the wars’ start date is a matter of opinion due to earlier conflicts with Europe during the entire French revolution. They were a geographical and political restructuring of Europe that lead to the creation and organization of the Europe nations that eventually became the primary combatants and effected territories of World War 1. The nations of France, England, and kingdoms of Germany experienced sweeping changes in their positions in the world due to Napoleon’s actions and the French’s influences across Europe. The spread of new ideas of nationalism, society, and government that spread across Europe as a consequence of the Napoleonic wars and French Revolution impacted each of these countries to varying degrees and set their position in the world until the start of the first World War.
France entered into the Napoleonic Wars as a result of the French Revolution and the European sovereigns’ opposition to the creation of the French republic out of the fear that such ideas of democracy may spread to neighboring nations and remove the monarchs from their thrones through revolutions. The actions of these nations only served to ironically lead to the spreading of French idealism across the continent during France’s peak of military prowess. By alienating and siding against France, France entered into war with the “Coalitions” of European Monarchies and under Napoleon’s rule, conquered their opposition and under their rule, learned of the French ideology of Demo...

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...British to continually improve in all faucets of a nation so when France fell and the rest of Europe was being left depleted from the French armies, Britain was still improving and growing from the war.
A huge consequence of the Napoleonic Wars was the dividing up of Europe after France had destroyed the previous borders with its conquering. The Congress of Vienna was a tool used by the victors of the Napoleonic wars to divide the spoils of war in a way they could all agree on and to restrain France from engaging in another war later. A huge decision of the congress was to form, from the Germanic kingdoms and land France had accumulated, a new government to govern the kingdoms and to “prevent France or the … Russian empire from invading Central Europe”. (Flogkerzie) This new nation became the German Confederation and eventually the German Empire. This formation was

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