My Views On My Future Essay

My Views On My Future Essay

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Now that we have explored my past, present, and future experiences with diversity, it is time to see how they are present within and effect each other. Firstly, let’s look into how my future is present in my past. The most obvious portion of my future that is in my past is my willingness and efforts to love and include everyone and to spread this world view. It took a fellow classmate of mine to demonstrate to my third grade self that we are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated as such. In my future, I aspire to demonstrate this world view to my students and inspire them to treat each other accordingly. This aspiration directly reflects my world view struggles I went through in third grade, for I want to help my students come to the same conclusion that I did.
Secondly, when contemplating how my past is in my future, my past directly shapes my future attitudes and ideals. In the past, I struggled to fit in or hold true to my own personal values. When I was in third grade I fell victim to fitting in, but that taught me that I don’t want to make that mistake again. The fai...

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