Essay My Speech On My Experience With Public Speaking

Essay My Speech On My Experience With Public Speaking

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Before this class I had presented in front of classrooms in high school before and had experience delivering speeches in public. Yet I am still nervous and uncomfortable standing in front of people presenting. Through this class and the speeches, we delivered I gained more experience with public speaking. I am still not fully comfortable with presenting in public, I think I may need take more practice and experience, but I believe I did improve over the course of this semester.
My first speech of the three surrounding our passion topic went smoothly, though I was nervous. Some of the comments were to slow down and pause for emphasis, to not sway or fidget so much and to stand up straighter. I was told that my eye contact was strong and I spoke clearly. I received similar comments on the second speech, again I needed to slow down. I also had a powerpoint for the second speech. I liked having a visual aid to refer to during my speech, but it also incorporated another factor to deal with when presenting, and this threw off my eye contact with the audience as I was working with my powerpoint. The third speech was my best speech, according to comments, though I did feel more comfortable with my second speech because I practiced it more. A similarity between all three speeches was the fact that I needed to slow down to provide emphasis and improve me speech. I discovered that speaking slower is something I need to focus on for public speaking in the future.
An issue I had with the content of my speeches was the need to speak more about my connection to my topic. I think this would have been easier if I had chosen a different topic. After hearing that our three speeches would all be surrounding one subject, our passion, I left class a...

... middle of paper ...

...but it also deals with interacting with different people, relationships and working in groups. These are skills that are imperative in whichever career a person will go into, and are an important part of being human.
The content in this class connects to and is essential for my future career. I am studying to become a math teacher. As a teacher I will be presenting information and speaking in front of a classroom for the majority of my day. Skills useful for presenting will be necessary, but I will also use the skills to connect to people and form relationships when interacting with students in the classroom.
I gained more confidence in communication in a public setting through this class. Though I do have a great deal to go before I have mastered executing the perfect speech. This class made me feel uncomfortable and pushed me to improve public speaking skills.

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