Sleep Psychology Reflection Paper

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Prior to choosing Sleep Psychology as my topic for this course, I knew very little about the topic. I am currently enrolled in Psychology 101 and a small component of the course was learning about sleep psychology; however, after the two class meetings in which my Psychology class discussed sleep psychology, I was still interested in learning more about it. I decided on Sleep Psychology as my research topic for this class because I thought it was a very interesting and relevant topic with a lot of area to expand on my knowledge of the topic.
Going into this class, I only knew the fundamentals of electromagnetic waves present in the brain during the various stages of sleep and basic information about some of the most common sleep disorders. Through my research for the various presentations in this class I learned about the psychological implications of some of the more obscure topics related to sleep including sleep
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Although I did not necessarily enjoy the presentation aspects of this class, I definitely feel like I have improved as a presenter throughout the course of this class. The first presentation was pretty nerve-wrecking, which is my normal response whenever I have to present in front of people. With each presentation I have felt myself become more comfortable in front of people, less dependent on my notes, and just more confident in general. Even though I doubt public speaking will ever be one of my strong suits, I have become much more at ease with presenting and speaking in front of other people. Especially for the presentations in this class, it was reassuring to know that I was the person who was—in theory—an expert in my topic and most people were hearing this information for the first time, which eased a lot of the pressure when it came to
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