Essay on My Soundtrack Of My Life

Essay on My Soundtrack Of My Life

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My soundtrack of my life is full of slow electronic “vaporwave”, heavy party tracks, and lots of fun adventures to get you hyped through sounds and samples. I have had a very eventful life so far, and I have songs that can correlate with specific stages that I’m willing to share through this essay. I have a vast array of music, as I don’t listen to a lot of radio or other mainstream music. It’s not that I don’t enjoy some popular music; I tend to enjoy the music I find on indie-based sites like Soundcloud and Bandcamp. I never listen to the same music, but I have found music that would accurately portray my life as a movie.
In my late middle school stages, life was pretty tough. I had just moved to Rabun Gap Nacoochee School, a private college preparatory school. A song I’d say to describe this time period could be Sharks in the Swimming Pool by Clarity, because it describes how trying to fit into a fresh and new environment can be very difficult. Another song could be Sincerely by Atlas because I met my first true love in 8th grade. We dated for a year and a half, had a really roug...

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