My Sleep Is No Pattern, No Habits And That I Have Been Sleeping Sleep Essay

My Sleep Is No Pattern, No Habits And That I Have Been Sleeping Sleep Essay

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To begin, when I recorded my sleep it was obvious that there was no pattern, no habits and that I have been sleeping very inconsistent. Sleep is like anything in life, it needs a routine. This is the reason that when I recorded how I felt for that day most of the time it was not refreshed. In college it is hard to set a bedtime and to wake up the same time every day, but one of the main things that I noticed while recording my sleep is that I went to bed at different times every night and woke up at different times every morning. From this information I concluded that my body was not in a rhythm and this is one of the main reasons for not being refreshed. Another thing that I do not do is take naps. It sounds silly to say that naps are needed, but they are when I did not get enough sleep at night and need to make up for that lost sleep.
In addition, college has been a big change for me and I have not been working out and being as active as I was in high school. Due to the fact that I have not been as active I have not been sleeping as well. In high school I would work out in the morning, have a physical education class which I could run in and then go and play soccer or wrestle which are both very physically demanding. On the sleep assignment it only asked if I worked out for twenty minutes, and that is not enough for me to tire. In college I lost some motivation to work out and throughout this sleep diary assignment I realized how important being active is. When I am more active I sleep better, when I am not as active I tend to not want to go to sleep because my body is not tired. I have made it a goal to work out and run more every day because of the information I discovered throughout this assignment.
To continue, my eating ha...

... middle of paper ... have a regular sleep routine. This routine will not be perfect due to the fact that I am in college and stay up late on the weekends and wake up early to go to classes, but it is something that I will know for the future and could start working on now. I know not to eat big meals before I go to bed, and that I need to work out vigorously throughout my day for a best night’s sleep. I know now that I need to get at least eight hours of sleep, and not too much sleep. If I get too much sleep then I will not fully refreshed in the morning and the same thing for if I get too little sleep. If I do get too little sleep I know that I need to take a nap during the day to compensate for the sleep lost. These were the results that I concluded from the sleep diary that I took for a week, and the results were very useful and something that I would like to continue to research.

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