My Senior Year Of High School Essay

My Senior Year Of High School Essay

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Last year was my first time ever being in the United States. I finished my senior year of high school in Lake Placid, New York. That was probably one of best experiences in my life. I meet people from all over the world and made friendships that will last a lifetime. National Sports Academy is where I attended school my senior year, this school was for hockey players only. We did everything as a group, went to classes, practiced together, lived and ate together. There were also many international students in that school and the only thing that everybody complained about was food. It seemed like everything in United States is just unhealthy fast food. It was difficult for me to get used to it because back home we did not have as many fast food restaurants. After four months of eating food in the United States, I went back home and saw that I gained 15 pounds. I was in shock that after four months and being very physically active it was possible to gain 15 pounds. Even though I lost my abs, the weight gain did not make me upset I was actually worried that it would slow me down on the ice.
Normally, after games and practices that ran late into the night, we would be hungry after burning through a large amount of calories and the only places open on these long nights were fast food establishments. According to The New York Times article, “The Calories Are Listed, but Teenagers Don’t Care”, about a third of the teenagers ate fast food six days a week, according to the study. During my time at Lake Placid and even now, I find myself falling into these bad habits. The problem with fast food is the amount of calories in every meal. According to the study in the same New York Times article, “The study found that most teenagers underestimat...

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...ecome obese. Researchers at the University of Washington found that a 2,000 calorie diet of fast food costs 10 times less than a 2,000 calorie healthy diet. This low cost of fast food makes the decision for people who are obviously going to choose it over more expensive healthier food, which is a big reason that lower income individuals are more likely to be obese. And to make things worse, the researchers also found that healthier foods are more likely to increase in cost over time. During a two year study, the cost of healthy food went up by 19.5% while the cost of unhealthy food dropped by 1.8%. The final factor that makes fast food causes obesity is its convenience and how close fast food restaurants are to your home, job or school.
For example, children that have a fast food restaurant within 0.10 miles of their school have a 5.2% greater chance of being obese.

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