Eating Habits On College And Food

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College and Food
It is no surprise that technology has made life easier for people. As people are getting busier and busier, people want to make fast and quick choices. Many college students are constantly cutting corners when it comes to their health. Majority would rather choose a burger from a fast food restaurant than eating home cook meals. Constantly ordering food and wanting it speedy fast can cause bad eating habits. Unhealthy eating habits is a huge health issue to college students. “When fast food frequently replaces nutritious foods in your diet, it can lead to poor nutrition, poor health, and weight gain” (Carey and Pietrangelo). Buying food from McDonalds instead of cooking increases more study time but that does not mean everything
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Many companies are able to attract college students. “According to and their campus culture survey, it is estimated college students eat an average of six to eight fast food meals a week” (King). College students pull out their wallets and wait in line for ready to eat foods. When college students finish their food, their trash is thrown away and they can move on with their life. College students consumes half of their intake from fast food. Not only is it not good to intake so much fast food, but this can hurt many college students’ mentality. “The study found a dose-response relationship between fast food consumption and depression, meaning the more fast food you consume, the greater the risk of depression” (Berry). Our future generations suffering from high risk of depression can lead society to distress. When a huge age group is affected, this can affect each one of us directly or indirectly. Future doctors, lawyers, engineers, musicians, teachers, and many other professors who go through college may suffer depression. Having a group of people in distress can affect how they communicate to others, lose hope in living, and may do poorly in their job. It is not healthy is be in a depress state of mind. An age group being affected by something small can shake society. Creating unhealthy habits is not doing any justice to our
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