My Philosophy Of Nursing Practice Essay

My Philosophy Of Nursing Practice Essay

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Reassessing My Philosophy of Nursing
Completing Western University’s Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) degree has been an extremely rewarding academic endeavor. I am so grateful to have been positioned within a culture and environment which demands tremendous intellectual and analytical skill. I genuinely appreciate the endless learning opportunities generously offered as each has contributed to the nurse I am today. Retrospective analysis of my past experiences has illuminated how my personal philosophy has been as dynamic as my journey. I have watched my philosophy of nursing swell from a purely biological to biopsychosocial model of health strengthened by empathetic caring. Augmenting praxis with a personal philosophy of nursing strengthens the likelihood that a nurse will operate positively within the practice setting (Ondrejka & Barnard, 2011). Furthermore, it may enhance the consistency of appropriate care delivered by the nurse (Ondrejka & Barnard, 2011). This paper will describe my perspectives about nursing practice, influential people throughout my journey, and my present philosophy of nursing.
Nursing Practice Perspectives
The accumulated experiences throughout my bachelorette have aggregated to produce countless perspectives on an assortment of nursing topics. The events of my past that have shaped said perspectives have also been vital to the growth of my nursing philosophy. In effort to avoid circumlocution, I will offer two principle perspectives on relevant nursing topics. My first perspective of nursing concerns the nursing curriculum. While yielding an optimistic view for a science centered curriculum, my perspective remains melancholic as course content focused heav...

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...thics, and personal philosophies. However, the paragons of sound nursing philosophies risk repression as one begins his or her nursing career (Martinsen, 2011). This paper emphasised the importance of reflecting on my nursing philosophy to subsequently strengthen my practice. I believe that this yields implications for my future practice. For instance, as the risk factors towards personal philosophies are introduced, I better appreciate the preventative measures against its demise. Thankfully, nursing research has illuminated the positive correlations between reflection, personal philosophy, and practice outcomes (Ondrejka & Barnard, 2011). As I express my final statement of gratitude, note that my lifelong appreciation will not be exclusively conveyed via words, but through the empathetic care that the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing has taught me to deliver.

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