Essay on My Mother And My Grandmother

Essay on My Mother And My Grandmother

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My mother, Carol, was born into a somewhat dysfunctional family. Her mother and my grandmother, Lois, was a single parent to my mother and her half-brother, Charles “Bubba.” Grandma Lois passed away due to complications of the lungs when I was five years old, but I remember her well and think of her often. My mother’s father, Lon, is still living, but despite the fact that he resides in the same city as me and the rest of my family, I have never met him. I know little about the subject, but my understanding is that Lon left Carol and Grandma Lois, and by the time Carol was old enough to try to get in touch with him, he had married a new woman and acted as though he had no idea who my mother even was. He never paid child support because Grandma Lois told him he didn’t have to; she was a strong person to take care of her family without his help. During childhood, Carol and Bubba nearly killed each other. I don’t say this lightly, either; Bubba nearly drowned Carol in a lake, and she once knocked him out with a meat tenderizer. Their family was at the peak of dysfunctionality, but somehow they were able to overcome their past as they grew. Now, Carol and her brother are very close and talk to each other nearly every day.
I don’t know for certain if Grandma Lois was religious, but I believe she was. Before she died, she wrote a poem that implied as much. Uncle Bubba has never seemed to be the church-going type, but he highly values family and work, and I do think he believes in God. Carol certainly is religious, as she taught Sunday School before I was born and for a short time after. She has always put her family above herself, and I can say without doubt that she would do anything for me. In a similar sense, Carol holds educatio...

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...I think that I’m not the only member of my immediate family who feels this way. We’ve undergone a very long grieving process since the loss of Pa, who was a great man with whom we were all extremely close. Even Uncle Bubba, who lives in Texas, stopped coming down to visit us every summer after Pa’s death. Despite the undeniable amounts of anguish we have all felt, I think that it is only a matter of time before our grief gives way to gratitude toward God, and we once more become regular church-goers.
My family definitely has its problems; that’s undisputable. Nevertheless, my parents and my grandparents (excluding the grandfather I’ve never met) have always done their best to implant a strong sense of morals, dedication, and integrity into the foundation of my very being. These are all things for which I will forever be grateful, and for which I will never forget.

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