My Mother And My Friend Essay

My Mother And My Friend Essay

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Not too long ago, I was sitting in the front porch of my friend’s house with both the friend and his father. We had just finished a day of a work for my friend’s Eagle Scout Project and sat down to chat. While I was sitting silently, my friend and his dad chattered away as if I did not exist. They insulted each other and even told some dirty jokes occasionally. I was able to smile just by listening. This was not a scene that I would see in my household. My mother and I never reached this point of familiarity. I am male and she is female; even the psychology books say that our thought processes are different. My mom and I would never have the sort of conversation that my friend and his dad were having; no, it is scary just imagining it. While watching my friend’s close father-son relationship, I was able to really contemplate why I am different.
I was only four when I learned about my parents’ divorce and moved to America. My mom married another man and life began normal again. My new father was a very cheerful and active guy. He took us on many trips and gained new experiences, such ...

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