My Life After The Voyagers Community School After Three Years Of Continuous Pain And Struggle

My Life After The Voyagers Community School After Three Years Of Continuous Pain And Struggle

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Things Change.

Have you ever dealt with an unexpected change in your life? I have. I left the Voyagers Community School after three years of continuous pain and struggle. I thought my struggles were over, but they weren 't. The news was surreal. I was deceived again, betrayed again, and hurt again. I was hit with another struggle I had to overcome. It was truly a living nightmare, a journey I was forced to embark on for which I was never prepared. A journey that taught me to believe in myself, even when everything seems dark, and impossible to overcome.
September 11th, 2014 was the day it began, the day that changed everything. After we left Voyagers, my brother, and I had applied to Penn Foster in September. We were waiting to hear back from admissions this day. I was sitting in my living room, texting, and doing my daily ritual. My dad was sitting at his desk, reviewing his daily emails and checking his listings on Ebay. School was a recurring thought: I was wondering about my status with Penn Foster. I turned to my dad, and asked curiously, ¨Are there any emails from Penn Foster?¨ My dad glanced at the AOL tab, and there was an email from Deborah Williams. Deborah was the person who was reviewing our transcripts, to determine if all of our previous credits could be transferred. Until my dad read that email, everything had felt good that night, and it had been a good day. The words he read to me rattled my world and shattered my confidence in people.
I heard my dad read,¨Voyagers Community School in Farmingdale NJ is an unaccredited school.¨ I froze. Did I hear him correctly? In that moment, I did not know how to feel or what to think. I had worked conscientiously and tirelessly at Voyagers, only to be let down. I wo...

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...lves and never gave up.
I think I was able to accomplish this struggle, because even when entwined with self-doubt, deep down I believed in myself. I believed that someway, somehow there would be a future for me. This whole experience has shown me that even when things seem bleak and impossible to overcome, not to doubt myself. Since I overcame this trauma, nothing in this world can bring me down. I learned that it is really about how I deal with things that make all the difference. Today, in spite of the fact that the Voyagers director hurt me deeply, I choose not to live my life in anger and I know I will be happy because I have learned this. I am also not afraid of the unknown anymore. I believe that my new road will take me to something good. I don’t know what that is, but I know it 's good because I now know that with the right attitude, anything is possible.

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