Compare And Contrast High School Compared To College

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High School Compared to College
This is my first semester in college and it its completely different than high school in many ways in my opinion. I think that college is going to be a challenge, so I hope i 'm prepared for what 's about to come. The difference between highschool and college is vast. The main ones I have experienced are greater expenses, independence, and overall seriousness of the education. The first difference to discuss is the matter of expense. College Board states that on average college students spend $1,200 every year in textbooks alone (College board). Comparing this to high school where most textbooks are provided for students, the difference is great. Additionally, the spending habits of high school students does not translate well into college. Most students in high school are used to spending money on going out with friends or on hobbies. It is a
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In college if you don 't put studying and homework as a number one priority than you will struggle. Another thing about homework is that in high school your teachers wouldn 't mind taking late assignments, but in college if you don 't turn in your work on time points will get deducted or it won 't even be accepted. In college you are told to study at least two hours for each class every day, which is way more than in high school. Nevertheless, I believe it to be necessary because my classes are so much tougher than in high school. Another thing that can be said about the seriousness level is the behavior of students in College versus in high school. In my experience, in my high school classes students tended to be way more talkative and disruptive compared to the college classes I am taking right now. I believe this is because students in College all have invested a good amount of money into their education, which leads to them taking it more seriously than high

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