Essay about My Job At Customer Service

Essay about My Job At Customer Service

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Over the summer I experienced my first real job in retail. It was fun because I didn’t have to always stand behind the cash register and deal with customers. I could be working at customer service one day and apparel the next day. While there were pros to having that job there were also cons. If I had to work in apparel I knew that I would be working hard the entire shift, and depending on what manager was in that day and what shift I got would determine how that day would end. For example, if I had to work in customer service during a closing shift I knew I would probably be in the front by myself for about half of time I worked and would be there longer than I planned. In all my experience with working in retail I have dealt with three types of managers that goes as the following: the obnoxiously anxious manager, the neat freak, and the chill manager.
The first type of manager on my list is the obnoxious manager. This is the manger that will bug you for no reason. For example, I would be checking out a customer and he would try to give me another task to do while I’m al...

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