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My grandmother, Claudette Boone was born in Shelbyville, Tennessee on March 24, 1947. Her mother and father both worked on a farm in Tennessee and made a living share cropping. She grew up during a time of deep segregation especially due to the fact she lived in the deep south. My grandmother was the youngest out of two older sisters. Her eldest sister, who in deed helped raised Claudette due to the fact she was almost thirty years older than her. Claudette graduated from high school in 1965 and shortly after moved to Alabama where she lived in a women 's home for single working females. Not too long after living in Alabama, my grandmother got married to a man in the Navy. Over the next five years, she had two children, whom both were girls. She raised them in Alabama, but then in 1990s moved to Alexandria, Virginia where she resides to this day. She got remarried after the death of her previous husband and now her and her husband of 20+ years are both retired. Throughout the majority of her life, racism in the United States was one of the biggest problems. African Americans not being able to have the same right as any other human being was unacceptable.
Therefore, the 1950s and the 1960s were dedicated to gaining equal rights for African Americans, which became known as the Civil Rights Movement. Claudette was already living through it growing up as a child and when she moved to Alabama she was directly in the heart of it.
The civil rights movement was a mass movement in the 1950s and 1960s to secure African Americans equal access and opportunities for the basic privileges and rights of a U.S. citizen. African American men and women organized and led the movement at national and local levels. The movement addressed primarily thr...

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...o Alabama and was living in the women’s home. That friendship stayed genuine ne throughout and even after the movement ended. While most people had to pick sides according to her, her friend stayed true to the friendship and did not. To wrap up the interview I just wanted to get a good idea of my grandmother’s true feelings once he Civil Rights Movement ended. Her response was similar to many who went through that time era. Although it was technically over with, it would never truly be over. Yes it was a sense of relief to get equal right she said, but still felt African Americans would never be truly equal as long as white people have roles of power. I must say I agree with her fully, because growing up black I have always noticed the difference in treatment between white and blacks. Hopefully, one day everyone will be able to be treated equally no matter what race.

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