Life Lessons Learned from my Grandmother

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In life many of us experience what it is like to be hurt by those we hold dear. As a young girl I saw this first hand that generally the people we hold the closest actually end up being the people that hurt us the most. You expect more from them and their actions affect you on a deeper level the people you hold to a different standard from your loved ones. My grandmother taught me through the hardships she experienced what it mean to be a genuinely selfless person. My grandmother showed me the best way to live is by ensuring the happiness of loved ones even when they have wronged you
My great grandmother, Mama, cared for all her children including her grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and great grandchildren all the same. She allowed anyone to stay in her home when needed and loaned money even when she did not have the funds to support herself. Even as a young child my great great grandmother was older but held a great part in raising me. I never received any form of structured learning such as daycare or pre-kindergarten because I loved being in her company and did not want to separate from her.
Eventually, it became necessary to attend school and it was a hard transition being away from her for periods of time much longer than I was used to. She then started to feel the affects of old age. Her family whom she cared for so deeply took advantage of her poor health and state of mind until they broke her body down completely.
Even in these circumstances she always said, “ I love all my babies”. Those who truly cared for her well being felt it was best she move up north with my grandmother.
The seasons started to change and I began to feel the distance between me and Mama, which was the name everyone called her because she felt we ...

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...saw that bad experiences in life should not turn you into a cold person and allow your heart to become guarded.
Today I take this lesson and try my best to apply it in my life. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend and she hurt me deeply. My love for her is stronger than I’ve ever experienced for anybody. Even though my heart is hurting and it feels like my chest is going to cave in I know I can’t be angry at her. People’s feelings change and I can’t let that situation turn me into a person with a negative outlook on love and life. I’ll do just as Mama taught me to love and show kindness to my ex girlfriend, Kirtrina, regardless of how much she hurt me. Mama demonstrated ensuring the happiness of those we, love even when wronged is the best way to live and that is how I want to be remembered. Not having a negative thought connected to my name after I’m gone.
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