My Goals And Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

My Goals And Strengths And Weaknesses Essay

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In my professional behaviors paper I will be discussing my three strengths and weaknesses are. I will be writing, why I chose the behaviors. I will be supporting my choices by giving examples from my own life experiences. The three strengths that I picked were dependability, initiative, and empathy. The reason I chose these three was because they define who I am as a person today. The three weaknesses that I chose were cooperation, and stress management, and organization. I chose these as my weaknesses to explain what I have been dealing with since high school and they have affected my life.
The first strength of the professional behaviors that I picked was dependability. Ever since I got out of high school, I had to live by myself and be able to provide for myself. I am the type of person who would want to do everything by their self. The definition of dependability is the ability to be able to be trustworthy, dependent, and reliable (Harper, C., 2014). I believe this is one of my strengths because I have been dependent on myself for 6 years. After I graduated from high school I went to school that was two hours away I had to buy my own food, get my own gas, find a job, and pay rent. When working, I am the type of person that someone can rely on. I am always on time for work; I do extra work, help new employees, cover other employees’ shifts, and stay later to help the managers. I am also a trustworthy person. I am the type of person who will keep secrets, be there when I am needed, turn assignments in on time, study for exams, not cheat, and be prepared.
My second strength is initiative in the list of professional behaviors (lessons page). Initiative is defined as a person who takes the first step or action to start a task ...

... middle of paper ...

...w much pressure is on students. Students also have to make sure they have a plan of what they need to accomplish and what will make their life better. The type’s measures that I could take for stress management is having a plan, talk to my managers, talk with the instructors, and make sure I know what is needed to pass a class.
In conclusion, I think the strengths and weaknesses that I mentioned in the previous paragraphs will help me throughout this course. The strengths that I picked were dependability, initiative, and empathy. These three strengths have made an impacted on my life, including the positive aspects on life. Out of the professional behaviors life that I picked from my top three weaknesses are cooperation, organization, and stress management. The weaknesses that I picked have made challenging but I know now what I have to do to make these strengths.

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