My Future Profession Through My College Years Essay

My Future Profession Through My College Years Essay

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Like many other students, I was stuck in the dilemma of figuring out and deciding on a future profession halfway through my college years. I’ve explored many career paths such as research, pharmacy, and dentistry to name a few. Even after shadowing and researching about these professions, nothing quite stood out to me. This brings me to the question: “Why Optometry?” Well, simply because I love what this profession has to offer. It’s one of the few professions where you can help people and make a huge impact in someone’s life. The idea of being able to correct someone’s vision who at first had no idea what they were seeing to 20/20 vision is truly amazing and humbling.
I first ventured into the field of optometry when I volunteered at a practice and shadowed under Dr. Michael Tran. In one particular case, I sat in on a patient who was experiencing double vision due to her eyes having a tendency to work in opposition to each other. The doctor educated the patient about her condition, underwent a series of procedures, and prescribed her in a set of prisms to fix the imbalance. I was amazed how the doctor was clearly able to explain each step and the amount of detail that needed to be addressed in order to correct her vision. From this experience alone, I’ve learned that optometry is more than simply answering the question: “Which is better, one or two?” I quickly realized that being an optometrist requires much more than being knowledgeable. It requires attributes such as having patience, possessing an attentiveness to detail, and being able to put yourself in the patient’s shoes. Having a variety of qualities such as good interpersonal skills are valuable and can separate a good optometrist from a great one. As these thoughts conn...

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...isadvantages that need help in restoring their sight but are unable to afford such vision care. The demand for optometrists to dedicate their time to help those who are less fortunate are needed more than ever and this could not be stressed enough. By pursuing the art of optometry, I want to give myself the opportunity to experience, learn, and help people despite their conditions.
From working and volunteering at different environments, I realize that I was able to experience the best of both worlds and that I wanted to put myself in a position where I can help people from all walks of life. Just by exposing myself in the field, I learn something new everyday that I can apply in my preparation to become an optometrist. Optometry would not only give me a lifelong learning experience, but it would give me the opportunity to dedicate myself to a lifetime of service.

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