My Family Taught Me Deal With The Idea Of Freedom Essay

My Family Taught Me Deal With The Idea Of Freedom Essay

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Many of the lessons that my family taught me deal with the idea of freedom. My father, mother, and brother taught me to always be myself, and to do what I want to do. Both of these ideas follow the concepts of a democracy, which we live in. In a democracy, the “good” is freedom, and the “just” is tolerance of diversity. While these are the values that shaped my fathers and brothers teaching, they are not correct. Freedom can be a bad thing, especially too much. Socrates says,” For extreme freedom probably cannot lead to anything but a change to extreme slavery, whether in a private individual or a city” (564a3). I may believe freedom to be the “good” and the way to happiness, but that is because I am stuck in the cave, believing the images on the wall, and have not yet seen the true “good.” This is because instead of my education leading me from the cave and helping me to gain knowledge, it is keeping me chained inside the cave, only strengthening my belief in the images on the wall.
Yes, we live in a democracy, but there are also oligarchical views in our society as well. These views are present in the lesson that my brother taught me. In in an oligarchy, the “good” is wealth. He picked his first major because society had taught him that if he wanted to be happy he needed to make a lot of money. Now Plato would say that this isn’t the best, most happy life, that only comes to the just man. This is because he has seen the other lives and knows that his life truly is best. Socrates says,” the best and most just is the most happy” (580b8). While money may appear to make me happy, it is just an appearance, because I have not seen the other lives. Because of this deviation, within my soul, necessary appetite would rule over spirit an...

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..., teach.
Plato makes many assumptions that cause his arguments on the perfect education to be flawed. He makes the assumption that everyone would want the same life if they saw them all, but everyone is not the same and does not want the same things in life as a philosopher. He assumes that all types of governments that are not his are corrupt and lead to an unlawful population, but there are many good people who have come out of other forms of government. He thinks that becoming a philosopher is the only way to achieve happiness, it’s not because there are many happy people who are not the most just. Finally he believes that the images and echoes in the cave will keep one from the truth, when in reality they can help. Plato’s views on education are flimsy and I believe that while he may think my education thus far is bad, I believe that it is a good one.

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