Essay on My Family: My Grandfather is My Hero

Essay on My Family: My Grandfather is My Hero

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The denotation of the word hero is "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities". To some, that person may be George Washington, Batman, or even Peter Griffin. My hero, though, is my grandfather, D.S. Patel. My grandfather, from my mother's side of the family, is a wise, nice, caring sixty-year old man. Vocationally, he works as a civil engineer for the state of Indiana. How can a sixty-year old civil engineer be a hero? Let's find out how strangers see him as a hero, and how I see him as a hero.
To a person walking down the street in downtown Indianapolis, he may be a hero because of his occupation, a civil engineer. What can a civil engineer do that is so heroic? For one, he designs the cities’ sewage system. People in the city cannot comprehend how vital it is to constitute a correctly piped sewage system. His designs transfer the cities’ waste to a safe place, so it can decompose in peace, and not endanger our health or our environment. He is not only protecting the Earth from harmful materials, he is also keeping our water clean a...

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