My Hero, My Grandfather

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My Hero, My Grandfather

My grandfather was a very loving man, he loved his family more than anything he had

known. The only thing that could compare to his love for his family, was his love for his country.

In his life he would have to make many sacrifices for his country, and the second would be supporting his wife and kids. He took on hardships with ease, he always had a certain calmness to him, this is something I idolize about him, I would like to learn how to act this way. He’s my hero because he was special, not like anyone else I have ever met, he knew he was special, but he never he never flaunted it. In this essay I will try to paint a picture of my hero, and give examples of why my grandfather is my hero.

In January of 1933, my grandfather was born in the small Pennsylvania town of McKees

Rocks. The second of five children, an older sister Joan, and three little brothers Terrance, John, and Jerome, all to their parents Robert W. Hileman and Katheryn Conolly Hileman. My grandfathers’ childhood was difficult, because it was part of this depression. When he was a kid his food was rationed, his family was only allowed so much of certain items sugar, meat, butter, and other certain things. When he was twelve years old, he got a job at a deli slicing meat, he did this to help his family out, this demonstrates that even at a young age he was willing to do whatever it took to help out what with he called “the cause”, or his family.

His parents were very hard workers, his father was an air brake mechanic, at the

Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Railroad, he would put in long hard hours, to support his family. His mother was forced to work during World War II, she worked at a mill doing riveting work, later she worked at Bell Telephone. They were a very loving family, but work came first, this left very little time for their kids. My grandfather being the oldest son, was expected to help out more, one time when he was about twelve years old, his mom told him “Bobby, go to the store, and get me some bread” he said “OK.” Even though he did not want to go get it, he did it anyway, but as he went to get the bread, he became angry that he had to go get it, so when he got back to the house he had thrown the bread onto the roof of the house. This story has great meaning to me, because

it was very rare that he would act out this extreme, espec...

... middle of paper ... use, instead of saving it for the soldiers who needed it. He would also tell me stories about how he and his friends would acquire food, by eating dog, tree bark, and broken up watermelon. He told me a story about when he was hungry, and he went into a territory occupied by the enemy to steal pieces of watermelon for himself and his friends. This is another example of him making sacrifices. he told me “I signed up to find adventure, like John Wayne, and boy did I get it.” Sometimes I think this was a dumb reason, but I respect that he was

honest, and told me one reason he wanted to go to war, he also said he thought it would have been better than what he had at home.

When he retired, he and my grandmother would go on many vacations, many would be to

patriotic sites like Gettysburg, Washington DC, Virginia, and even some historic sites in Canada.

By doing this he showed his love for his country, and history itself, he would do everything to the fullest. He raised his family to the best of his ability, he was a good family man, and a hard worker that endured whatever confronted him. This is why he is my hero, because of his strength and his will to make sacrifices.
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