Essay about My Experience With My Life

Essay about My Experience With My Life

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I’ve learned a lot of things throughout these past weeks about my self and my mentee. I had an amazing time being part of UCAN again this year. Although there were some changes in my experience, I still enjoyed everything and was able to learn new things from UCAN. This year my experience was different than last year because I was at a different high school and the mentee that I got partnered up with last year wasn’t as shy mine this year. She also was more prepared than my mentee this year and that right away made an impact on how the rest of the meets were going to go.
My biggest challenge I faced this year was understanding what kind of career my mentee wanted. Even though he had no idea what he wanted to be or what he was interested in, it was up to me to look for something that matched what he enjoyed doing. This was a big challenge because last year my mentee was very well prepared in what she wanted to study and what she later wanted to do as career. Therefore she made my job extremely easy because we now just had to look for schools and their requirements. We had to look if she wanted to stay near home or go far away and we had to make sure that the schools of her choice had the major that she wanted. That was our only problem because the schools that she wanted didn’t have the major that she wanted. However, my situation with my mentee from this quarter was completely different because with him we had to start from scratch and that was okay. The only thing that made it difficult for me was that he wasn’t convinced in what he was interested in.
My mentee this quarter wasn’t part of any clubs and he didn’t have a job so that made it hard for us to construct a brag sheet so that he could start writing a draft for his per...

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...icult for me to write my personal statement. I didn’t have any guidance from anyone and that’s where I saw that he was able to relate to me. My mentees parents didn’t go to college and he had no brothers or sisters to guide him and that was my problem too. Since I didn’t have anyone to help me I waited till the last min and luckily I had a teacher to help me correct it. So Jasmine, another mentor and I helped him breakdown his personal statement and wrote down what are some of the possible things that he could write.
Overall my experience was great this year, I was able to help my mentee with a lot of stuff that he didn’t know about. I was able to calm his worries and concerns that were mainly about the personal statement, FAFSA, and being lonely in college. Although FAFSA was hard to explain, I feel like he understood how it works and will be less worried for now.

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