The Griffith Observatory 's Astronomy

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Griffith Observatory On Saturday April 9th, Alex and I took a trip to LA and visited the Griffith Observatory. Alex who is also in astronomy thought it would be a good idea to do the horizon project together and go to the Griffith Observatory and see one of the shows at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium called Centered of the Universe. The weather that day wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. It was gloomy and it would drizzle once in a while. I enjoyed the drive up to LA, even with a little rain. It took us about an hour and 50mins. We left around 1:00 pm and arrived around 2:50pm. The good thing about the drive was that we didn’t get lost. The only bad part was the traffic. We both expected to get traffic but not as bad. Once we got to the Griffith Observatory I was amazed by the view I saw. The mountains looked so exquisite. It has been almost 3 years since I’ve been to the Griffith Observatory. The drive to the Griffith Observatory reminded me of Lake Elsinore because of the curves. As we were driving I noticed a lot of cars parked and then I saw people walking up to get to the Griffith Observatory. We both assumed that we would be able to park right by the observatory but it was blocked because the parking lot was already full. We both didn 't know what to do, so we spent about 20mins looking around to see if we can find parking. We noticed that there were parking spaces available but there were signs saying no parking between 3:00pm and 6:00pm. Since we both had no idea where to park, I decided to call the observatory and ask for assistance. A lady informs me that there is an observatory shuttle that picks us up and takes us directly to the observatory. We were both relief because we didn 't think will get to the observato... ... middle of paper ... ...e stars. After the show was over we spent sometime outside the Griffith Observatory and take more pictures. After we finished taking pictures, we went back inside and then we went through a hallway which was filled with jewelry of the sun, moon and stars. We also went to the gift shop and Alex bought some cute twin star earnings. After that we decided to leave and grab some food. Overall, I really enjoyed driving to LA and visiting the Griffith Observatory. It was so wonderful being about to see a show and feel like I was really traveling through time. I got to learn more about what 's beyond our universe. Seeing everything and listening to what the instructor was talking about our universe, made me think back about your astronomy class. Being able to understand and know what the instructor was talking about, it felt good knowing I 'm learning that in your class.

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