My Experience At The Lewis County Victims Advocate Essay

My Experience At The Lewis County Victims Advocate Essay

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I did my shadowing experience at the Lewis County Victims Advocate in Weston. The lady that I observed was Marsha Boyles she helps people that are in domestic violence situations. She works for the prosecutor attorney. She is the only person that works in the office but she did let me know about Hope which was in the same building. One big thing that I learned from Marsha Boyles showed me that you have to have a lot of passion to do the job.
So the first day I observed her we went over paper work, she let me fill out the paperwork. The first day that I observed her she let me help organize the files and what you have to do is take court notes and attach it to the files. She did tell me that it was to help keep everything organized. We had to fill out what the charges are when there next hearing was and any notes that where extra. If the client got arrested or the case was done with she would put them in a box in a separate pile.
I also watched her prepare a person for court. She calmed him down and told him to write things on index cards, so he would be organized and they would have a plan. She did tell me even with giving he index card to be organized he didn’t use them in court. The one thing I dislike about the court is they would not give the male client a restraining order from his wife. She did tell me that she told him if he did not be quite in the court room she was going to kick him in his view he know that she was kidding so I think it made him relax a little.
I thought it was cool to watch her not only help the client but also make sure the family that was with the client know what was going on. I noticed that her main focus was on the client but if the family had questions she would answer them. The client did shout...

... middle of paper ... domestic violence situations. I thought it was nice that she was also asked me if I would be able to do my 80 hours there but I told her that I was not allowed to do my hours there because I already did my case management hours there. It was nice with as busy as she is she made time for me to complete my hours. Overall I had a wonderful experience.
The story of why I choose Lewis County Victims Advocate a person that I am very close to had a husband that was awful to her and the children. Thanks to places like this my aunt is now one of her success cases. Marsha Boyles help her get a place for her and her children, help her get HUD, help her get her divorce, help her try to get her driver’s license, helped her in the court room, also got her a job. One big thing that my aunt said she really liked about Marsha is the fact that she didn’t give up on her clients.

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