Crime Victimization And Victimization

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When it comes to falling victim to crime whether it’s violent or not, the victimization and embarrassment does not stop after the crime is done. Media can be useful in law enforcement and it can also be hurtful. While meant to spread awareness and helpful information, media can often relay too much information and potentially hurt people. A victim is someone who has been harmed whether its physically, mentally, or emotionally, sometimes even all three. A victim is someone who has had a crime committed against them. Whether it’s something nonviolent like theft of identity or very violent like rape or murder. Victimization doesn’t always stop after the crime has been solved and the offender has been punished. The mentality of a victim can drastically change for the rest of their lives. Whether it’s being scared to walk alone or waking up screaming in the night due to Post Traumatic Stress disorder. In order to help monitor crime we do have the National Crime Victimization Survey or NCVS. Which is information and statistics reported annually based on a sample. It shows characteristics of crimes, the frequencies of crimes, consequences of victimization, whether the crime was reported to the police or not, and the victims experience with the justice system. The report also shows victims…show more content…
A family friend Brandon Sample went missing back in June of 2017. The media sent out alerts and places like Facebook did missing person bulletins which received hundreds of thousands of shares. After days being missing the media released a press conference for Brandon Samples mother, Stephanie Sample to tell the story on the news and give information so people could assist the search. Although the outcome of his case was not ideal, there are plenty of instances just like this one. Media has helped many families find missing children, and other loved family
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