My Experience As A Prefect Essay example

My Experience As A Prefect Essay example

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At the age of thirteen, I found myself visiting my mother on a cancer ward. How depressing? In fact, it wasn’t due to the high-spirited enthusiastic nurses, this is where it dawned on me, my heart lay in nursing. Nurses have the unique role within each health care setting they come into contact with, the thought of having the chance to positively change and improve someone’s quality of life leaves me yearning for the opportunity.
Throughout secondary school, I remained a hard-working and dedicated student, my enthusiasm for learning shined through, so much that I was selected to become a prefect. During my time as a prefect I was given a year seven form class to look after and monitor progress, throughout the year this was a great responsibility and relied a lot on my leadership skills. I was able to demonstrate this skill by installing my passion for learning in young minds; I was able to motivate the children to enjoy learning through coaching activities set up by myself. During the summer of 2013, I started volunteering on weekends in a care home. I started volunteering at the ca...

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