The Duty Of A Nurse Educator

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Nurse educators, as licensed registered nurses are known to have undergone additional training in a master`s program and beyond. The duty of a nurse educator is typically to teach the curriculum of nursing in schools and nursing colleges. Additionally, they can be actively involved in offering healthcare services in a variety of settings. According to Zorn, (2010) the duties of nursing educators include supervision of students their clinical experiences, educating health professionals and the general public on different issues that relate to nursing. Nurses employed by educational institutions, apart from being involved in classroom teaching, they are also involved in the development and institution of a curriculum that fulfills the present demands of the nursing profession. On the other hand, nursing educators employed in a clinical setting are involved in designing educational programs that can benefit the nursing staff in a variety of healthcare settings. Nurse educators are also charged with the responsibility of advocating the nursing educational programs, development and management of budgets, and securing funds for sustaining the programs (Utley, 2011). For this assignment, I interviewed an MSN-prepared registered nurse who currently holds a position as a Nurse Educator in a College in Virginia. This interview will explore an overview of the respondent’s career, reason for seeking graduate education, present role, and the usefulness of graduate education in present role. The respondent will also be asked to share some pearls of wisdom for future master’s prepared nurses.
Overview of the master 's-prepared nurse 's career
The respondent revealed that nursing is a second career for him. He earned his Ph.D. in ...

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...dent closed this section by mentioning that graduate education plays a significant part in equipping nursing educators with the relevant knowledge and skills required for delivery in respective positions.

Pearls of wisdom
In all levels of education, nurses are required to be ambitions. According to the respondent, nurses should study in their various fields of choice with passion. They also should learn to do the best in all their tasks. The respondent also added that it is the duty of nurses to value and respect all the stakeholders. They should also learn to communicate well, and on time. Additionally, they are required to concentrate on their strengths and work on areas in which they perform poorly. Their areas of weakness should be viewed as windows of growth. Lastly, the respondent mentioned that nurse educators should serve well as they enjoy their career.
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