Essay about My Employment With Iec / Uei Gardena

Essay about My Employment With Iec / Uei Gardena

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My employment with IEC/UEI Gardena began on April 13, 2015, my first day at the campus my campus president Alicia Paul expressed to me that the reason I was hired was due to her. Alicia expressed that Kristine Grossman, Regional Vice President of Admissions, had another candidate in mind. At the time I was grateful for the opportunity and dismissed the comment. My first week according to Kristine would be training, I was handed a binder with copied material and asked to review it.
Walking into the operation, I was informed there were a series of issues with the Admissions department prior to me being hired. I have many years in admissions and with my previous experience did not feel intimidated by Kristine’s comments. I did walk into immediately rolling up my sleeves and tried to make myself as available as I could to my department. The first two weeks I really did not get the one-on-one training. Corinthian Colleges another college announced the closer of their organization, and I was instructed to go into the nearest schools to me, Everest Gardena, Everest Torrance, and Wyotech Long Beach to recruit students, and employees. This was my former employer and so my contacts were many, Kristine was very manipulative and pushy on getting list from the managers at these schools. I took instruction and made contact with the Directors at two of these schools and one campus president. I spent two full days out of the campus along with Alicia Paul, my campus president gathering as much information from students who needed to continue school, and employees. Kristine asked that I start to schedule some of my interviewed candidates on April 27th. I was disturbed by her comment that I should consider not hiring too many blacks, and that I nee...

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...move on. That nothing was going to change and that I needed to understand I missed budget. Kristine told me I needed to understand that I was going to lose my job, if I didn’t. I was in tears and asked her that I had not had the support I needed. All she said was “what do you mean?”
I was sent to a tops training for Admissions representatives on 7/9, and 7/10. I was positive about the training even though it was not for a Directors training, thinking this was still needed to train my staff. I was overwhelmed to know I was sent only to be separated one week and two days later. Kristine was there the day I was separated and went on as if nothing was wrong stayed out of my office. I was pulled out by Alicia Paul and her boss John Esprio about 4:30pm, Alicia only stated I was being separated for not hitting number and that my check would be mailed and escorted me out.

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