Obamacare is a Critical Issue Between Democrats and Republicans

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Obama Care has been a critical issue that has been discussed in many areas, especially in the social media, Television programs and also in the Newspapers. New York Times (Feb 4 2014) and Huffing Post(30th Jan 2014) have carried out a candid discussion on this issue with their recent articles receiving immense praise and the same time several jibes from different states in America. The Obama Care issue has led to a great political tussle between the Republicans and Democrats.

The Republicans oppose the care basing their opinion on the fact that many jobs will be lost and taxation of the rich people will lead to pure discrimination in terms of taxation laws. Democrats, support the issue with majority of them basing their opinions on the importance of a continued health care that supports the population at equal lengths. For example by ensuring that despite a job loss someone undergoing a Chemo or a pregnancy period does not have her health benefits terminated.

Issues and the Conclusions of each article

In the New York Times (Feb 4 2014), the issue of loss of jobs is well addressed with the Republicans stating that the Obama Care, will lead to major employers limiting their workforce so that they can minimize their contribution to the Care as a firm or a company. This can lead to great levels of joblessness despite there being a guarantee of universal health care.

In addition to that, Republicans also fall out that people will prefer to work less because of the Care, as everybody will have a guaranteed health benefit despite the less working hours. Due to this they have fired political salvos to the Democrats, who they say are not taking into account the economic status of the American citizens as the Obama Care ...

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... guarantee of safe and sound health program.

High taxes to maintain the program seems to another reason the Republicans as opposing the issue as stated in the Huffing post (30th Jan 2014).With the high cost of living, the Obama Care program seems to rattle the middle class who fear to be subjected to high taxes so as to maintain the program.

In addition to that, huffing Post (30th Jan 2014), states that Democrats support the care due to the need of a universal health program that does not discriminate on anyone despite the economic levels or status. They base their argument on the fact that termination of health benefits due to a loss of job or any eventuality has led to many people suffering. For example people in chemo or pregnancy period will be guaranteed of the care despite any contingency that may occur during that period.

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